Review: Cheryl Cole on ‘Piers Morgan’s Life Stories’

I can only imagine that the ratings for Piers Morgan’s interview of the national sweetheart that is Cheryl Cole are through the roof. And better still, viewers were far from disappointed: cheryl’s heart-rendering memories of the turbulent two years that have dominated her media image really did help to remove the soap opera lenses in order to see that, actually, she’s a young woman trying to live through heartbreak and troubles.

The most touching part, in my opinion, was after the video clips explaining Cheryl’s fight with malaria, where the video stopped and all Cheryl could say was a small and yet resounding ‘oh’. It spoke volumes compared to some of her more rehearsed answers, showing how fresh the fear still is, and how unprepared she was for the threat to her life that ensued.

Piers Morgan – normally an arrogant figure of annoyance – was incredibly sensitive for once, timing his slight jokes and moving from tough subjects at appropriate times in order to
Ensure this was different to the usual bullying, biased news junk we’re spoonfed – Morgan’s sensitivity proved to be one of the factors to the interview’s success, as if legitimised it’s attempts to explain the truth instead of gossip-mongering. Piers kept his input to a minimum to fulfil Cheryl’s mission throughout the interview: giving her side and setting the record straight.

As far as Ashley Cole’s concerned, the less said the better. The only thing talking of his disgusting betrayals did was show Cheryl as an everywoman – touchingly referring to her happiness and how he wad her best friend demonstrated her dignity and poise throughout the worst of times, as well as giving a touching finale to the cheating trials by giving Cheryl a hopeful future.

The video footage was well-selected, and instead of trying to cram in as many celebrity faces as possible, it was a carefully crafted montage of Cheryl’s nearest and dearest. The only questionable inclusion was Pete Waterman, who seemed determined not to comply with the national view of Cheryl as a darling, trying to stir trouble by claiming she was attention seeking, when we saw that Cheryl purely wanted to live her dream. Thus led onto her role on ‘X Factor’, moving her from judge to fostering creativity. Likening herself to Simon Cowell may have been a slightly terrifying projection into the future, but it enhanced the promises tomorrow holds for her instead of the pain held in the past.

The future looks rosy for our Cheryl, and while some celebrities may take opportunities like Piers Morgan’s ‘Life Stories’ as time to bawl and fake-laugh their way into the publics good graces, Cheryl has used the opportunity to shine her halo and shine like the superstar she is. She definitely doesn’t need that parachute any mire, she’s landed safely into a world that adores her.


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