Preview: ‘Me Before You’ by Jojo Moyes

I’ve literally just put this down, and I don’t think anything I can say will do justice to the tumult of emotions this book has made me experience from the beginning.

I’ll admit, I thought I had this book pegged from the outset: girl helps boy realise life is worth living, cliche after cliche. Wrong wrong wrong.

Jojo Moyles has an extraordinary talent: she weaves her characters’ lives seamlessly, making you become part of their lives. Each character comes alive in a truly unique way, helping Moyles to build tension through subtle changes in how they behave and react to each incident.

Will’s story itself is sensitively explored. We are not patronised, neither are we dictated to about how we should feel. Instead, we are given room to make our own decisions, and if we cannot, we can follow those of the character without them impinging on us, except in the intense sadness at the ultimate decision. The complexity of Will’s right to life, the tragedy of his accident and the clash of sadness and anger lead you through this perfectly paced novel to its wonderfully expressed conclusion, which fittingly leaves the end at a new beginning.

Overall, this is a fantastic book, and one I will certainly be recommending as a heartfelt, stunning novel that reminds us how wonderful life can be.


(Previewed for Waterstones:


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