Review: Train @ O2 Academy Birmingham

What can I say about Train? I loved them before, and that’s only increased after seeing Pat, Jimmy and Scott smash their live set at the O2 in Birmingham.

The best bit about the gig was Pat’s charisma: he’s clearly a down-to-earth man, despite his absolutely stunning voice. Performing a duet on his own during ‘Bruises’ was hilarious to watch, and likewise proposing to the entire audience during ‘Marry Me’ was definitely a melting moment. Likewise, you fell in love with them all: whether it was Jimmy’s complete devotion to his music and sensational electric guitar solo, or Scott’s fantastic drum solo (drummers are far too underrated), they all showed they were dedicated to the fans, a sentiment returned with interest.

I spent the whole gig with a stupid smile on my face, staring at the stage and letting the gorgeous tones of Pat Monahan wash over me: Train are an experience not to be missed – I’ll be first in line when they come back to the U.K.!


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