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Epstein is an absorbing, poignant and sensitive study of a man who should have shared the full glare of the limelight he secured for his young protégés. Instead, when The Beatles found their creative feet and declared independence from the soaring adulation of their legions of adoring fans by ceasing to tour, they also began the isolation of their friend, mentor and manager, Brian Epstein.

The play is set in a London apartment in the last 48 hours of Brian’s life. He has invited a young man he met in a nightclub back to his flat. The young man, who remains anonymous but for the pseudonym ‘This Boy’, is both a Scouser and a huge fan of The Beatles; however, it is Brian’s story he craves.

‘This Boy’ (played brilliantly by recent drama school graduate Will Finlason) has a genuine fascination with the man who made The Beatles…

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