Launch Date Approaching – Time for a ‘New Diary’


After several months of tweaking and refining I have finally stopped messing about with the text of my new book “From the Diary of a Retired Detective 2: Gary Farrow is All At Sea”. It will be available initially as an e-book from from 29/11/14 (but you can preorder it now if you wish).

I will be working on other formats and I’ll let you know when they’re available in due course. In the meantime please find the synopsis of Gary’s latest adventure below.

All at sea - sized - final

Gary Farrow Is: All at Sea

( from 29th November 2014)

Gary Farrow had been a very competent detective; competent and bright enough to rise to the rank of Superintendent within the CID. Murder was his speciality, and he had enjoyed his job. He relished the chase and thrived on the challenge of unmasking the culprit. It was a body blow of some impact…

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