‘The Christmas Battle’

A small Christmas tale from The Book of Tomorrow – may your Christmas be merry, bright and filled with hope.

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the town

Soldiers were heard amongst the barking hounds.

Homes were closed and faces were hidden,

Hoping invisibility was a skill that could be bidden.

Torture and terror roamed the lands,

The scourge that savaged them a ruthless band.

Yet one came along, a glimmer of hope flickered,

But at this, the vagabonds merely snickered.

The hero stood tall – he would not falter,

So they charged for him, their course unaltered.

A sword was swung – a duck, a dive:

The sounds of horror came alive.

They dared to strike but failed in their mission,

For the young warrior was but a vision.

They stopped and they froze, trembling at this witchcraft;

The vision simply stood, and at them he laughed.

The message was such: fear could wield power,

For the villagers had summoned him in their darkest hour

He could not manifest wholly, for he was pure hope from within,

A force evildoers could not reckon with.

Rumours spread; the scoundrels turned wild;

They had been tricked by the manner of the mild,

For hope of the weak had proved stronger than bitterest gall,

And fearful courage drove back the thrall…

…Over their trail brightest snows fell.

The first villager who dared peek ran to the church bells.

Victory achieved through love, not war;

Victory achieved by those who, silently, refused to fall.

The Christmas bells ran and the silenced voices sang,

Liberated by a vision created of their own demand.

Feelings unbound to physicality

Saved their souls that Christmas Eve.

Take heed and listen as their spirits lift:

Their tale tells of beauty beyond trinkets and gifts.

Beauty is snow and hope and wonder,

As man should learn from every blunder.

With nothing at all save themselves and their freedom,

The best of times was had, with hope as their shining beacon.

© The Book of Tomorrow


2 thoughts on “‘The Christmas Battle’

  1. Reblogged this on Natalie Morris and commented:

    In the spirit of poetry week, here’s what made me first think I might be a poet – an off-the-cuff piece written whilst waiting in London for the train home. Was I right? Read and see for yourself…

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