Review: ‘Wicked’ @ Apollo Victoria

For a second time, I was spellbound by ‘Wicked’ as it whizzed through the untold story of the witches of Oz.

It all starts with the stunning set and intense performance of the Chorus, ensuring you’re not left out of their celebrations after the defeat of the Wicked Witch of the West. Glinda (Savannah Stevenson) was stellar; her stereotypical pretty girl performance was hilarious and touching as she became less self-involved, complimenting Elphaba’s journey to seeing the prejudices haunting others as well as herself. Jennifer DiNoia was superb as the Wicked Witch, her vocals were spectacular and her acting was even better than that. I have to be honest, my heart still belongs to Rachel Tucker from my first experience of ‘Wicked’, but that’s not to say DiNoia was incomplete or lacking, there was just something utterly magical about Tucker that I think would be hard to replace in anyone’s mind.

Always undermentioned, whether from the original performance or other reviews from later on, is Fiyero. Jeremy Taylor was convincing as the arrogant student, and his transformation was subtle enough to be believable – he never seemed to fully understand why he was acting as he was, but his impulsiveness accounted for that. Likewise, the Wizard (Martyn Ellis) and Madame Morrible (Liza Sadovy) were brilliant in their supporting roles. It hit me as a tragedy last time and this that Nessa Rose is underused, Katie Rowley Jones was tragically beautiful and convincingly tormented, and her voice was amazing, and through the script rather than choice she lacks the chance to really shine, which is a real shame – she’s one to look out for when she moves on to a new role.

So it was one fine day in the emerald theatre as Wicked continued its spellbinding effects – long may it continue to hold court at the Apollo Victoria!

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