5 Reasons to Read ‘Tsunami Kids’

The breathtaking story of the Forkan family after the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004, their story from survival to success is something everyone should experience, and here’s just five reasons why…

1) They’re real people – there’s nothing show-y or conceited about the Forkans, they’ve worked damn hard to get where they are.

2) There’s no understanding tragedy until you’re told its real life implications – films like ‘The Impossible’ try in spectacular style, but the real definition of tragedy comes from the normal and everyday being shattered in this book.

3) Memorials count – the parents who lost their lives in this devastating event deserve to be remembered, as do those the boys experience along their journey for their inspiration, courage and determination.

4) An indictment of education – an unusual choice on my own part, but sometimes it’s worth remembering that education is not what you learn in the classroom, it’s the experiences that shape you into the wonderful personality you are.

5) Give back – not only do 10% of the profits of the book go to helping the boys achieve their dream of building a children’s home in India, but it’s worthwhile having a look (if not investing) in the product that’s going to earn them this dream, and invest in their charity adventure.

Find out more about the boys’ endeavours on their website here, and find the book on Amazon and other retailers.

UPDATE: Just bought a pair of these beauties – looking good and supporting the brothers’ cause, win win situation!


2 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Read ‘Tsunami Kids’

  1. Julie finished reading this last week and like you she was moved by the story of these brothers. In her view, like your own, is that everyone should read their story.

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