The Magic of ‘Aladdin’

The Disney spectacular on everyone’s minds at the moment has to be the newly-released live-action ‘Aladdin’ starring Will Smith, but there’s only one ‘Aladdin’ you should be worrying about – the one that leaves its West End home at the Prince Edward theatre at the end of August 2019!

My birthday treat this year was tickets to the outstanding ‘Aladdin’, and here are five reasons to sweep up your tickets before the magic carpet flicks its tassels and flies on its way!

  1. The Genie. Straight from Broadway, he is the standout star of the show. He is the sassiest, funniest and most brilliant comic character I’ve ever seen on stage; you were begging for more Genie time, and his extended version of ‘Friend Like Me’ didn’t disappoint!
  2. Everyone else! There’s not a bad actor in the house, and my particular favourites were Jafar (who doesn’t love a bad guy?!) and Aladdin’s new friends that replace (although obviously not entirely) Abu – their song was particularly memorable, I dare you not to be humming along at the very least!
  3. The songs you love. I’ll admit, the backdrop and romance of ‘A Whole New World’ made me shed a tear – it was absolutely perfect. There are new ones and the classics, but all are perfectly tailored to the story and lift you up and mellow you out in true style.
  4. The glib references. Whether it’s cutouts of monkeys, the cheeky Disney songs twisted into ‘Friend Like Me’ or the parroting reminiscent of the actual parrot Iago compared to the human one, they know what the audience wants, and make you laugh when giving it to you.
  5. The magic and the wonder. It’s not just a cave that provides wonder, it’s the spectacle on stage – the scenery, the magic, the slapstick…It’s all just brilliant, and at times breathtaking, a real feat of stagecraft that needs to be seen to be believe.


So you’ve got til the end of August 2019 – get yourselves to Agrabah for a final Arabian night!


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